I’m bitter. I’ll admit it. This is a process. It’s a huge part of the healing that I’m still going through. To gather my thoughts about 1.0’s dating extravaganza is utterly messy. I roll my eyes incessantly when I think about it. Why IS that? Why am I bitter? I did the best possible thing for my life. Shouldn’t I be proud and relieved that he is no longer (well, mostly) a part of my life? I guess I’m bitter that he so easily moved on with his life and didn’t give our family a second thought. That hurts. You create a family with this person who isn’t who you thought he was. He’s a complete stranger now and terribly repulsive.

The fact that he has moved on to 3.0 now (that’s 2 women in 6 months)…I’m disgusted by it. 2.0 wasn’t a gem, but the fact that he hurt her and cheated on her with 3.0 makes me feel like saying “I told you so.” I actually feel a little sorry for her, because I know how it feels all too well. And probably 100 times worse because this is something I dealt with for years. She thought she was getting a real prize. Boy did she find out differently. It makes me wonder if she thinks about what my life was like with him.

She now sees that her knight in shining armor was only a dud in fool’s gold.

Enter 3.0. She is a few years older with grown kids. She thinks the world of this man. She calls him “my love”. Puke. She is clueless. Just like 2.0. Has no idea of the leftover meatloaf she has on her plate. Not up to me to warn her, she will have to figure it out for herself. If she never does, well then, wonderful. But I guarantee, because he hasn’t taken himself seriously and stuck with his recovery program, he’s just going to continue with his porn addiction and act on it in ways she won’t know about. Maybe one day, she’ll catch on.

The Clueless Cougar gave him a card awhile back and he happened to leave it out in plain sight. My kids saw it when they were at his place for the weekend. It left little to the imagination. My answer was right in that card; he has no desire to live a Christian lifestyle. My suspicions were spot on. They have been all these years. WHY didn’t I listen?!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have an inkling that something isn’t right, follow it! I didn’t for so long and wish that I’d acted on it much earlier.

My message to the Clueless Cougar dating my ex-husband: You’d better be praying. You’re gonna need it.

All the Best to You and Yours. Sleep Well,



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